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D’Amore Healthcare Featured in A&E’s ‘Intervention’


D’Amore Healthcare in Huntington Beach, California, collaborated with the A&E television program “Intervention” to inform the public about the availability of intervention and addiction recovery for those who suffer from substance abuse.

D’Amore Healthcare in Huntington Beach, CA recently collaborated with A&E Networks’ Emmy™ Award-Winning media docuseries ‘INTERVENTION’ to tackle the Nation’s opioid crisis in a special new season focusing on addicts battling this deadly disease within Atlanta’s “Heroin Triangle”.


D’Amore Healthcare commits to ending the suffering around addiction and mental health. The prevalence and co-occurrence of substance and process addictions deserves more attention than people want to imagine. Such addictions for example are such as tobacco, illicit drugs, eating, gambling, alcohol, internet, love, sex, work, and shopping. D’Amore Healthcare helps individuals and their loved ones step back from common symptoms. While making decisions in D’Amore’s residential care facility, symptoms of isolation, anger, and fear can be overcome. Also, D’Amore Healthcare strives to listen and work backwards based on your goals, your needs. “We know it is daunting to face a chronic brain disorder alone,” shared Devin O’Day from D’Amore Healthcare. “That is why we are here to outline a treatment plan for relief and restoration.”


When an intervention results in an individual agreeing to treatment, D’Amore Healthcare works with both the addict and their family. Family members suffer, too. They become embroiled in the chaos of deception and denial that are earmarks of addiction. D’Amore Healthcare counselors educate family members about the nature of the disease of addiction and provide communication tools to teach the family how to support their loved one without enabling destructive behavior.