Testimonials and Reviews


I was at D’Amore for about four months. D’Amore was very comfortable and quiet. My time there gave me peace of mind to work the 12 Steps and to learn to love myself. I will have one year sober in less than a month. It’s been THE year of my life. My life is good today. I thank God everyday for all the wonderful and beautiful women in my life who showed me how to love myself and live a sober life. Your staff are some of those amazing women I have so much love and admiration for. Much love. -Deborah

D’Amore provided me support for achieving my goals, mostly through encouragement, believing in me, positivity and love. I was there about 3 months. The accommodations are clean and safe. A place to call home. I loved the family dinners. A time and place to really feel like a family, to express your feelings and concerns – to laugh, to cry. I think someone new in recovery must find the human connection. – Jennifer




A friend recommended D’Amore to me. She really liked it. I found it to be a serene atmosphere. I was kept accountable. I found staff to be loving and supportive. If I was down or concerned or troubled, I could go to staff and they always had the right words for me. I am completely satisfied by D’Amore’s services. – Molly