It’s time to change the landscape of psychiatry. This starts with screening, everyday courtesies and education.” – Britten Devereux, CEO of D’Amore Healthcare


Step into any of D’Amore Healthcare’s four sunny Southern California locations and you’ll probably wish you could stay here, too. The word “facility” sounds formal, but the Cheyenne house and other locations feel more like a beach home than a mental health treatment center

This isn’t an accident.

D’Amore’s staff works hard to manifest a nurturing atmosphere, weaving threads of genuine care between the hours of each client’s stay. We love what we do – and it shows. 

Britten Devereux, fierce leader and proud founder of D’Amore Healthcare, is intentional in her operational decisions. D’Amore’s locations are designed with our clients’ happiness in mind, and our entire mental health treatment curriculum is no different.

The southern California mental healthcare industry is saturated with tons of treatment centers claiming to be different from the rest. While these facilities grapple with the endless fight to be unique, D’Amore wins that fight. 

Recently, our unparalleled addiction care was recognized in Insight Care’s digital publication, accentuating D’Amore’s mental healthcare difference

Insight Care is notably one of the “Top Ten Healthcare Magazines and Ezines to Follow in 2019”, according to Feedspot. 

But what makes D’Amore so “watch-worthy” as a substance abuse treatment center, and how do we help our clients in such a way that it warrants our strikingly high success rate? Let’s dig a little deeper.


What D’Amore Does Different

For a long time, society looked down on people with mental illnesses, substance abuse issues, and other mental health problems. When people arrive in treatment, it’s likely because their life is in shambles (or pretty close to it). Usually, they know this.

Early on in her mental health field career, Britten Devereux recognized that shame and guilt never got (or kept) anyone sober or helped them recover from a mental illness. The opposite was the case. More people seemed to relapse in their illness rather than get better when the staff didn’t treat clients as equals or expect the best from them.

Years later, Gracious Redundancy evolved from Britten’s deep need to make unconditional forgiveness and love a staple in addiction treatment at D’Amore. Instead of seeing substance abuse treatment as punishment, Gracious Redundancy is a philosophy that views addiction rehab as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Outside of our facilities’ walls, D’Amore educates other healthcare facilities on quality assurance and other health topics. Insight Care recognized these educational efforts, giving recognition to D’Amore’s efforts to spread awareness to healthcare companies of “frustration tolerance, customer service, informed consent, crisis prevention, therapeutic interventions, self-care, and human learning and motivation.”

D’Amore aims to make our healthcare revolution a reality, rather than just a concept. And we’re not greedy with it. We believe that sharing knowledge is the way that maybe – just maybe – we can make a little positive dent in the world.


Golden Hour

An ideal partner to Gracious Redundancy, Golden Hour is another D’Amore-specific treatment philosophy that prioritizes the formation of new habits.  

As a practical response to the addiction crisis in the US, Golden Hour combines Gracious Redundancy with essential habits meant to alter someone’s life. Its basis relies on the creation of goals and commitments that are achieved and then reinforced.

For years, psychiatric studies have emphasized the use of positive reinforcement. With time, habits that are rewarded become part of someone’s “muscle memory.” This muscle memory, when reshaped in treatment, can completely shift someone’s life path. 

D’Amore’s Premier Mental Health Services

D’Amore’s residential treatment program incorporates a myriad of different therapeutic regimens. Insight Care goes on later in their article, stating that D’Amore “offers diverse services, such as group work, conservative detoxification, exercise, nutritional assessment, pain assessment, nutrition education, nursing plan of care and psychiatric appointments as much as needed.”

At D’Amore, we also provide other common modalities for addiction and mental health treatment, like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Equine Therapy, and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy.

It is the combination of these proven paths to treating addiction and D’Amore’s more exclusive methods that create the perfect recipe for lasting recovery from addiction and mental illness.

At D’Amore, we see and expect the best in our clients. In turn, our clients maintain their dignity, abolish self-limiting beliefs, and overcome conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, personality disorders, eating disorders, and more. 

Contact our team today for a free initial consultation to find out whether D’Amore’s special program is right for you. 

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