About Us

 Mission and Philosophy


Our Mission is to anticipate your needs, respecting your time, experiences and medical history.


To improve public health, by providing safety, comfort and dignity in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.



Everyone faces unexpected healthcare needs. In the face of discomfort, inconvenient costs (money, travel, research) and the quest for the most efficient solution, D’Amore Healthcare continues the admission conversation until you and your family feel and see our commitment to diversity, healthy communities and a thriving workforce.


Most people consider time their most treasured resource. When we think of the best way to show you we care, we let our compassion guide us. D’Amore Healthcare recognizes the timeless truth: service with a smile is the standard. So, D’Amore Healthcare takes it one step further: service with a smile and homemade cookies (literally).


The wheels are always spinning at D’Amore. Do you know why? Because we are relentless. If what we are learning about mental illness and substance use is not challenging us, we question if we are working hard enough. Thankfully, you have several provider options. However we will work with you for more is not always better. D’Amore clinicians are trained, credentialed, life long learners committed to your peace of mind. You can count on us to integrate the most relevant, personalized practices.


Unlike the array of companies relying on social media “likes”or Google’s opinion, D’Amore strives to ensure a genuine and lasting exchange with every patient. We take our approach to healthcare personally, because it is just that, intimate and personal. At D’Amore you will connect with a team of professionals who see beyond symptomatology to the surpassing value, worth and dignity of every patient.


First, if we make a promise, we deliver. At every turn, our patients enjoy the benefits of informed consent and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). So we like to make sure any agreement in your continuum of care, requires your involvement and approval.


Sometimes, it is hard to understand what a company stands for because there is inconsistency between words and actions. For this reason, the D’Amore Executive Team monitors and reports (annual report is available online and by email every January for subscribers) the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relevant to all dimensions of patient care.

Performance Driven

D’Amore prides ourselves in professionalism and customer feedback. Your opinion is not something we take lightly. In fact, D’Amore founders take action on customer satisfaction surveys within 48 hours, whether it be a personal phone call, a thank you letter or, a full audit of the patient record. Outcomes matter because you matter.

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