Spotlight on Our Admissions Specialist:

We asked Kevin a few questions to get to know him better.  We also asked him about the way he does his job.  In doing so, we got some insight into why D’Amore Healthcare’s Golden Hour is so important to our personal and collective success.

Kevin lives in Foothill Ranch.  He is married to his Significant Other, Sali.   When he is not at work, you can find him at the gym, cooking, or watching movies with his wife.

His favorite books are Predictably Irrational and How to Win Friends and Influence People.  If he could take a vacation today, he would go to Seattle, “I like the rain.  I hear Seattle is beautiful.”

Q: D’Amore is not the easiest place to work! Why do you like working in mental health services?

Mental health services require a lot of patience and compassion to understand what our patients and their loved ones struggle with. I have the opportunity to advocate for those in need of help and believe that an act of kindness can forever change a person’s life. Our patients will only care how much we know once they know how much we care.

A lot of the people that come to D’Amore come with the intention to get better, many other facilities gave them something but not what we give. The tools to fly, the tools to put this into remission. I come here to treat people the way I want to be treated. It is my honor to do everything I can to help every patient and family get treatment that is specific to their needs.

Q: What motivates you to care about the details?

Being thorough helps me follow through on my promise to the community. I keep my team in the loop and together we do the things for the patient that maybe they gave up on the world to do for them.

Safety is paramount, and it is our duty in admissions to ensure everyone at D’Amore is cared for and accounted for. We have to stay diligent when working with both our staff and our patients as it is a reflection of how we carry ourselves. The way we do anything is the way we do everything.

I want to show patients that I am paying attention. I am one human helping another human. I thrive on building connections.

Q: What does gracious redundancy mean to you? Does that impact your Golden Hour?

We all want to be recognized for our achievements and encouraged to be the best version of ourselves, and it is no different for our patients. Gracious Redundancy is reminding our patients that their smallest accomplishments will eventually turn into their biggest milestones. Golden Hour allows staff to measure the distance of our accomplishments as well, by remaining organized and on top of our tasks.

Q: How does all of this help you to start your day with a strong Golden Hour?

Before starting my Golden Hour, I look back on the previous day to ensure that we are up to date on tasks and information, as well as try to assist with any open loops. I am motivated to create a strong Golden Hour because attention to detail helps us work effectively as healthcare professionals and perform efficiently as a team.

Q: When you check items off on Golden Hour, how do you feel like your efforts impact patients?

Every task in Golden Hour is tailored to fit the needs of our patients. We need to work with our patients if we want our program to work for our patients. In order for our patients to succeed, we must exemplify this in our daily tasks with good initiative.

Q: What advice do you have for other helping professionals who feel tired from shift work and complex patient needs?
Maintain a positive mental attitude and remember that your health is just as important as those who you are trying to help. Self-care is necessary in this field, as we can often become emotionally invested in the work. Spend quality time with your family, friends, and pets. Do your best to get proper nutrition, stay physically active, and above all else get enough rest so you can wake up refreshed and take charge of tomorrow.
Q: What legacy do you want to create for those struggling with addiction, grief or suicidal thoughts?
Since childhood all I’ve wanted was to help those in need, and now I’m fortunate enough to be able to call it my profession. I’ve had the opportunity to help many patients at D’Amore who may not remember me, but remember how I was able to advocate for them. As a way of leaving my mark, I would want patients to never stop believing in themselves because I never stopped believing in them.
Q: How would you describe the impact of an excellent Golden Hour on a patient?
When we are able to do all we can for our patients and their loved ones, they see that we stand behind our word. Detailed planning and proper execution show that we care by doing the right things and by doing things right.
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